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Gluten Free advice for Aruba

Went to Aruba last month, March, 2011. I went a whole 8 days without getting sick from any of the restaurants. I ate at the following places and had a great experience:

The Paddock - Had the Grilled Grouper. The waitress did not know what gluten or celiac was. The fish was served over "vegetables". It looked like vegetable soup. I was leary eating this meal, but I was fine during and after. I would not recommend this place to eat. Was not memorable.

The next two places were my favorite: Madame Jeanettes and The Chef's Table. I ordered the Filet Mignon at both places. At MJ it was cooked perfect and served with roasted potatoes. The waiter asked if I wanted Bernaisse Sauce with my Filet. (First time I had Bernaisse Sauce in 6 years) Before I could even ask, he told me it was made with corn starch. He knew exactly what to offer and what I could not have. We ate outside at Madame Jeanettes in a gazebo. It was beautiful. The Chef's Table was equally as good.

We also ate at El Gauchos and again I had a steak. They offered three side vegetables that were all safe to eat.

On Sunday morning I had the breakfast buffet at The Laguna Restaurant located at the Radisson Hotel. (We originally went for the brunch at the Sunset Grille, but it did not open until 11:00 a.m. and it was 9:30 when we where there). I chose carefully, got an omelet, fruit, bacon, and potatoes.

I heard Linda's Dutch Pancake House had a great menu that included gluten free items. I did not make it there.

Good luck.

Contributor: friendz12

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