Gluten-Free Debrecen, Hungary

Gluten Free advice for Debrecen, Hungary

We traveled to Budapest in May 2007.

We were able to eat vegetarian and gluten free without any incidents.

We packed tons of gluten free food but our luggage got lost. However this was a great city to be stranded in without GF snacks. We found lots of stores and restaurants.

We travel a lot. The first thing I do is look up the vegetarian restaurants in the country, if anyone is going to understand food issues it is going to be the vegetarians. Also, most vegetarian restaurants have English speaking staff.

Here are some lists of Vegetarian Restaurants and health food stores.
Many of the lists are old so you have to do some research to make sure the establishments are still open and have not moved.

There is a Celiac Society in Hungary. They were very helpful. You can contact them and tell them where you are staying and they will tell you where you can buy Gluten Free products and what restaurants nearby have gluten free meals.
The site is mostly in Hungarian, but you can click "english" to see some resources in English.
They will answer email in English, email


We stayed in a self catering apartment (Kriszta Apartments) so that we would have a kitchen available. It was a very nice 2 room apartment with a full kitchen and washing machine.

There is another apartment I highly recommend for vegetarians.
The owner is also a tour guide who is well versed in gluten free diets. She can design a gluten free walking tour with stops at area attractions and help you order at a restaurant for lunch.

I plan all of our activities based on nearby veg restaurants or health food stores. That way we are not wondering around looking for food on an empty stomach.

You can find Schar bread in INTERSPAR, CORA and TESCO hypermarkets, and in KAISER'S, SPAR shops. This shops are everywhere in the city, some shopping centers, etc.

The biggest one is the TÁPLÁLÉKALLERGIA CENTRUM (TAC. The address has changed: 1133 Budapest, Vág u. 5.(not far from "Dózsa György út / Street" underground / metro stacion
Phone: 36/-1-788-4574 or 36/30-556-0957
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 7.30 - 18.00
Saturday and Sunday: 7.30 - 13.00
They have many kind of GF bread, even fresh, too. This was an awesome store. We brought back many products that we had never seen before.

Places we ate Gluten Free:
Falafel Faloda
Not far from our hotel. salad bar was awesome.

Hummus Bar
Awesome hummus. Not many choices but if you love hummus you will love this place.

Lite Coffee
Across street from Apple Store
You can get a salad made to order at the bar. You can get tuna, beans, cheeses, vegetables. The staff was aware of eliac and restrictions.

Bio Ritmus
Near Castle Hill

Napfenyes Izek (Sunny Tastes)
This was on the way to the Zoo from our hotel
Can get there on Tram 4 or 6 @ Kiraly Utca
The food was awesome and the staff spoke english and was very knowledgeable of gluten free diet. We ate here once a day!

Near Eliz. bridge in Buda

Awesome Indian Food, knowledgeable staff.

In Hungary there are still rather few restaurants which offer gluten-free dishes. However, we hope that as more and more people are being diagnosed, more and more restaurants will understand the importance of serving gluten-free menus.
Even now if you tell the staff what you need, in most cases they try to help you. Don't be shy! If they don't understand you, show them this short description:
Lisztérzékeny (gluténérzékeny) vagyok, ezért csak gluténmentes ételeket fogyaszthatok.

Rosszul lehetek minden olyan ételtől, amely búzalisztet, rozst, árpát, vagy ezek származékait tartalmazza - ez a belőlük készült keményítőkre is vonatkozik. Kérem, mondja meg, ha nem biztos abban, hogy ez az étel számomra megengedett.
Olyan ételt ehetek, amelyik rizsből, kukoricából, burgonyából, zöldségből, tojásból, húsból, halból készült és aminek elkészítéséhez nem használtak rántást, zsemlemorzsát vagy glutént tartalmazó szószokat. Ételízesítők közül a Boszorkány ételízesítő és Kotányi fűszerek a megengedettek (kivéve jelenleg: * Olaszos salátaöntet * Panír * Sült oldalas * Húspuhító * Wok fszkv.* Mézes-mustáros csirke* Gombás Pesto fszkv.)
Kérem, szóljon a szakácsnak, hogy a kiválasztott ételt számomra külön edényben és külön olajban készítse el.
Fritőzben sütött burgonyát is csak akkor ehetek, ha az olaj gluténnal nem szennyezett.
Köszönöm a segítségét!
The most recommended shops, hotels, retaurants and pizzerias with a GF MAP are available on our homepage:

Best regards,
Judit Schummel
Contributors: mamaste, Schumi

My favorite Pasta Glulu - gluten-free sorghum bread


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