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Gluten Free advice for Cairo, Egypt

I've a son who is a gluten intolerance, so i might help some people who are egyptian or visiting Cairo to know from where they can order GF bread:
Fino Bakery in Zamalek and Maadi,Tel 02 5210646 - 010 5660588 - 012 2606931 and always check in Alfa Market, they always have thngs like rice Noodles pasta, and Rice crackers.


I'd like to add to Salma's advice. Thanks to her we found the bakery in Zamalek! It's right behind the Danish Embassy. They don't sell gluten free bread off the shelf, but you can order minimum three loaves for the following morning. This we did. We ordered them "with seeds" (this they'll ask you, with or without seeds) and the bread arrived at our agreed time of 8am, so we took it to our hotel breakfast. It was delicious, the best gluten-free bread we've tasted! These three loaves saved our Egypt holiday! We travelled with them from Cairo to Aswan to Luxor to Cairo (excess kept in hotel fridges). Once back in Cairo, we ordered another three loaves to take with us back home and now our freezer is full of delicious bread! I'll have to learn to bake my own before this lot's finished!
Thank you Salma!

I am in Egypt for one week on vacation and after reading here about Alfa Market i went there today. I took the metro to Dokki and walked on El-Tarir / Al Behous going east. After about 7 blocks going East you turn left at the big gas station. This puts you on Al Sad Al Aali; Alfa market is one block up, on your right at the corner of the next side-street. They have rice cakes, rye bread (which works for me), rice noodles, seaweed (!), gluten free granola, etc. I also have a dairy allergy, and was delighted to find soy milk as well. I just walked around so happy in that store, finding lots of food i can actually eat !
If you have trouble finding food to eat in Egypt, go to Alfa Market. Once you get to the neighborhood, most people seem to know where it is. We asked a policeman, hotel worker, and some other random people in the street who all knew which way to point us. Good luck.

I have a group for people with celiac disease and have found a lot of resources and places with gluten free things so if anyone ever needs any help, feel free to send me a message. (i'm not sure if i'm allowed to post the name of the group)
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